Real me

"Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living..."

Pam V

About me:

"Occasionally, I'm callous and strange."

That's the word which describes me the best. Or plamivasi, cause y'a know that's my other name on the web. :)

My name's Pam. I'm a student, an artist and a writer(the last two are only in the internet world :P).

Nature inspires me and so does music. I love chemistry, history, astronomy and literature.

I play tennis regularly and adore swimming and yoga.

I'd like to think of myself as an imaginative and adventurous person. To be frank I believe I truly am.

My motto is "I can" and I seriously know that I can do whatever I want to because I'm totally awesome! I believe in myself.


My family, my dog, golden retrievers, sunflowers, water, the ocean, the mountains, reading and books, scorpions, sharks(I'm weird like that), chocolate, Christmas.

Busy little fandom beaver:

My graphics' community is dragonslights. I am also a mantainer of  buffyquestions and whedonpb with my friend Tabi.

Fandom ♥:
  • BTVS
  • TVD
  • Angel
  • Harry Potter
  • Other shows: Supernatural, Friends, True Blood, One Tree Hill, Two and a Half Man, Two guys and a girl, Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer
  • Other movies: Pirates of the Carribean, Cruel Intentions, Ice Age, Terminator

What you'll find here:

  • Lots of graphics. Icons, wallpapers, banners, sets, picspams, etc. Although I do tend to post more in my graphics' community.
  • Meta discussions.
  • Fic with central pairings Buffy/Spike and Buffy/Angel
  • Lots of love♥


All artwork and fanfictions are created by me unless otherwise stated. However, I do not own any of the TV shows/movies/comics or books. Everything's done for fun not for profit :)

Here's a list of all my resources.
Comments and snagging are ♥ but please credit as well.

The Buffy in me:

I adore the Buffster. Did you pay attention? :D Maybe that's the reason why I'm part of Team Buffy on whedonland (Seriously, it's the best place out there! Go join in the fun! or I'll spank ya :P).


My Ships:

Friending policy ♥ :

I'm very open to new people and I love new friends so if we share the same interests I'd happily friend you back. :)

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